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Windows Mobile: the cat does have nine lives!

With the recent Nokia deal, Windows Mobile is back! While Nokia seems irrelevant in the US, Symbian still has 37.6 % market share globally (amongst smart phones), and more importantly, Nokia has 40+ % of the global cellphone market (of … Continue reading

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Great article in Infoworld…

…on the impact of tablets on the PC ecosystem and Android vs. iOS. Well worth the read. See The key mobile trends emerging from CES 2011 Thanks to Srinivas Mantripagada for sharing this.

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Tablets: not a cheaper PC, but a better mobile phone…

…so said a senior consumer electronics executive in India. He went on to say that electronics retailers in India are bullish on the market opportunity for tablets, and are gearing up to work with both OEMs and mobile carriers to … Continue reading

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Android crushes Apple…

In several posts in July, including one titled, “Mobile OSs/Platforms: will Apple win in India?”, I shared data indicating that Android is gaining market share. I went on to predict that in India, Android will have 50% market share within … Continue reading

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Mobile OSs/Platforms: will Apple win in India ?

In an earlier post predicting that there will be 200M BB connections in India by 2015, I raised the following questions Which OS/platform will dominate? Will incumbents like Microsoft and Nokia maintain leadership in the new paradigm? Will the iPhone … Continue reading

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200 M broadband users in India by 2015: crazy or plausible ?

In an earlier post, I stated that I think there will be 200 M broadband connections (access speed > 1 Mbps) by 2015. I got some feedback that the prediction seems unrealistic (some called it crazy) given that there are … Continue reading

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HTML5: what does it mean for the mobile ecosystem ?

The recent skirmish between Apple and Adobe has focused attention on Flash vs. HTML5. Its native support for video could render flash obsolete. Furthermore, it treats audio and video as first class citizens, and this has widespread implications for how … Continue reading

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iPhone: Taking a break before climbing the next hill or starting to slip down a cliff ?

Just 6 months ago, Mary Meaker said that “Apple’s iPhone / iTouch / iTunes ecosystem may prove to be the fastest ramping+ most disruptive technology product / service launch the world has ever seen” And with good reason. In 3 … Continue reading

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Ubiquitous broadband in India: mirage or miracle?

The Indian media is full of news about how investors such as Reliance Industries have paid Rs. 38,000 Cr. ($ 8 B) to buy 4G/wireless broadband access licenses. And this is on top of the ~ Rs 70,000 Cr ($ … Continue reading

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