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General Partner with Foundation Capital. Areas of interest range from digital media, mobile and internet infrastructure to all things related to India. Currently on the board of TreeHouse, Aspire, Conviva, Agni and TubeMogul.

My 3 Words: Rejuvenate

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “My Three Words for 2016.” I was gratified to see the responses the post triggered, which ranged from those of friends who said they “saw me” in the words to those … Continue reading

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My 3 Words for 2016

Living in Silicon Valley, to say that change is the only constant is stating the obvious. Yet, as I look back on 2015, that line really does sum up the year for me. Our 2 sons, Aditya (a.k.a. the Sun) … Continue reading

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Congratulations, TubeMogul  

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The Impact of Social Media on Marketing

Social media has democratized the tools of self expression, transforming the relationship that consumers have with brands, products and services. Traditionally, marketers have used the metaphor of a funnel to think about the consumer buying process. Consumers would start at the … Continue reading

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As all advertising becomes digital, will there be a “Google for Brand Advertisers” ?

Advertising is a $ 500 B + industry globally, 20 % of which, almost $ 100 B, is digital today. With tablets, smart phones, and Connected TVs, consumers are starting to live in an “all digital world”. As that happens, … Continue reading

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Decade of the CMO

Historically, marketers have played a limited role in driving IT spend. I believe that this is changing, and that selling technology to marketers is a huge opportunity. I believe that this is the decade of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). … Continue reading

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Touch, and go…

…was the title of a recent Economist story on Microsoft ( The core thrust of the article is that while Microsoft still has 90% of the PC OS market, it has only 30 %of the personal computing market (factoring in tablets … Continue reading

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My 3 Words for 2012

2011 has been an amazing year on so many dimensions: Our second son, Aniket (a.k.a. one who makes the whole world his home), was born on June 13. Aditya (a.k.a. the Sun), our other son who is almost 3, started … Continue reading

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Windows Mobile: the cat does have nine lives!

With the recent Nokia deal, Windows Mobile is back! While Nokia seems irrelevant in the US, Symbian still has 37.6 % market share globally (amongst smart phones), and more importantly, Nokia has 40+ % of the global cellphone market (of … Continue reading

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On-Line Video: Wakeup call for Content Owners

While 2010 was a banner year for online video, it was also a year of missed opportunities. Online video came of age in 2010. First and foremost, 2010 was the year of Netflix. With almost 20 M subscribers at the … Continue reading

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