Android crushes Apple…

In several posts in July, including one titled, “Mobile OSs/Platforms: will Apple win in India?”, I shared data indicating that Android is gaining market share. I went on to predict that in India, Android will have 50% market share within 3 years, and that Apple will be relegated to 5th position behind Blackberry. I also predicted that this would mark, but a milestone for Android as it took global leadership. Well, recent data from IDC and Gartner suggests that this might happen sooner than 2013.

  1. IDC just announced, that in its opinion, Android will become the 2nd most popular mobile platform by 2013. That prediction will probably be true by next year since Gartner just announced that in Q2 2010, Android is a close #3. Android now has 17.2% market share vs. 1.8% a year ago; its ahead of Apple, nipping at RIM’s heels and has half of Nokia’s market share.
  2. In the US, Android is now the #1 platform ahead of RIM with 34 % market share while iOS has 22% share.

Its still early days in this platform war. Too early for Android to declare victory. And too early to rule Microsoft out. Microsoft’s secret weapon is its developer ecosystem which it put to good use against Netscape, Linux, and is now trying to align behind Windows 7 Mobile. Who knows if the developers will come? But if they do, the legend of the rising phoenix may still hold true. What do you think?

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General Partner with Foundation Capital. Areas of interest range from digital media, mobile and internet infrastructure to all things related to India. Currently on the board of TreeHouse, Aspire, Conviva, Agni and TubeMogul.
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2 Responses to Android crushes Apple…

  1. ambarish says:

    Hi Ashu,
    Agree with you about Android. Don’t think MS has a chance anymore. They just aren’t the cool platform. Also, WinMo 7 is not going to be compatible with WinMo 6. So their problem is going to be this:
    – New platform
    – No penetration
    – Unclear how they will attract manufacturers to rally behind it given that Android is free (while being fast, functional and innovative)

    I am a little surprised that the stock market isn’t valuing the success of Android into the Google stock – looks to me like Google is quickly becoming the default mobile desktop *and* is smart enough to mine your usage data to do better ad targeting!

  2. A Laique says:

    OK! I agree to some extent… with Ambarish sounding more like an Apple fan. The future is also looking at Open Systems and connectivity. While apple offers no brainers toys to rest of the world with controlled technology. Historically Microsoft was harshly criticize by many of failing attempt to get into networking once upon a time. But look at them today. Ashu is comparing apples to ornages (Presently) without having to have an eye 7th and 8th generation of hardware and OS platform. Google in the long run has already keeping track of few comoanies to acquire and so as Micorsoft. Lets see waht happens>>>>

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