Will DVD players also go the way of cable boxes and LP players ?

3 years ago, watching web video meant watching grainy short clips. Over the last year, watching TV shows on the web has become common place – 50% of Americans have done so. When will we starting watching full length movies on the web ? Maybe sooner than you might think.

Over the last year, Netflix has made it possible to watch movies on your TV if you have either an X-Box or a Roku box. IN its latest earnings release, Netflix also announced plans to work with BluRay player manufacturers to embed their streaming client in as many player models as possible, starting with the newly released LG BD300. Also, Netflix continues to expand the digital content library (now 12000 titles) and improve the PC/laptop viewing experience (via Netflix.com). Also, Hulu.com has expanded from TV shows to include movies and has added 100s of movies to its on-demand service. To top it all, Viacom, MGM and Lions Gate just announced that they will launch Epix, an HBO competitor, on the web first in the fall – http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123310560782322397.html
What’s next ? Will BluRay die in its infancy ?

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General Partner with Foundation Capital. Areas of interest range from digital media, mobile and internet infrastructure to all things related to India. Currently on the board of TreeHouse, Aspire, Conviva, Agni and TubeMogul.
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One Response to Will DVD players also go the way of cable boxes and LP players ?

  1. Arvind Vermani says:

    Absolutely! The conscious decision by Apple to bypass Blu-ray is another factor which will lead to its early demise as a mass medium. Any future hi-def formats will be either streamed over the net or easily available in magnetic format (e.g. SD cards). CDs will take a little longer but go there shortly too.

    I am curious to see if the iPad+clones will change peoples viewing habits to the extent where the average consumer of content doesn’t need to sit in front of a PC or a TV. If so, this will further hasten the trend towards downloadable media.

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